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Appetite To Kill

Here's what they think about you) --> Ice Cube
- Vakill ain't put a record out in four years
- That nigga is not hot
- Ah, Vakill fell off
(Drop a old school beat) --> Ice Cube
(Damn) --> Ice Cube
(Oh yeah... it ain't over, motherfuckers) --> Ice Cube
(The motherfuckin saga continues) --> Dr. Dre

Nigga, I am
Two scoops of truth with whipped cream slung in a cup
The flow is bananas, the world's on my nuts
Have a sundae
Who owe me the cheddar, start coughin up
( ? ), these ain't bars, they zodiac letters
A beast reborn, mellow
I discharge the nicest shit between bars like reformed felons
Be warned, fellow
Acappella spit to deform melons
Beat off to torture till I reach abnorm swellin
Salute the young lion with heart, dyin to start
Smart bombs defyin form, pry on you marks
I am the spark from the iron occupyin the dark
Pryin apart niggas' skulls, fuckin tryina chart
The shoulders of a giant is arched
Locate who's defyin my march, iron my marks and starch 'em
Fuck ( ? ) rocket scientists smarten
There will be none after this nut, I'm tubes-tyin this art, so
Any nigga's flammable, understandable
Get spanked with the handle when the ammo load
Okay I'm reloaded, now let the hammers blow
I am Hannibal with the metal enameled, fam-o
That'll chew you from head to camel toe
This is the crown Chicago intended
Watch the body count grow in minutes
Most ground-breakin flow infinite
How the fuck can it not be, every two bars a body's goin in it
I'm next shit, dookie, manure with a newer cooky maneouver
That's gangsta and spooky as Tookie and Hoover
Spit loogies with Rugers
Alien part VI, acid reflux, Uzi and mucous
Change the channel, you're spooked easy
Bars is ( ? ) influenced, ( ? ) Poughkeepsie
I make dead rapper spirits of all sorts hover
Fuck Sports, I will EA-curse the Source covers
Where I'm from we murder like it was legalized
Justice system and crime rate are never equalized
So many beefs left undone, and birds that's uncooked
You can die from salmonella and E. coli
Murkin everything in you marks' likeness
Black roses, fuck the tears and ( ? ) niceness
Next nigga with my name in vain
Gettin pistol-whipped till his ass roll back like Wal-Mart prices
In Chi you got options
Either 'All Is Well' or a G
Spit bars or sell you a ki
My diction's like Satan's crucifixion
I got bein a beast nailed to the T
This the coronation of the crowd's welcome back
I ( ? ) them packs to the pin cause I felt them crack
You ain't hard as you seldom act
If I GPS 'pussy' I end up at your welcome mat
The grittiest this city has seen
Still spittin extra-strength chlamydia with hideous ( ? )
A pitiless king, compell 'em with witty 16's
The insidious shittin on idiots pretty extreme
And niggas think just cause I Barack the vote
I won't concoct a quote that slice a nigga from his foodbox to throat
Do no provoke
Or take six and let us know if the death of 2Pac's a hoax
You can't compare it ( ? )
It's barbaric, beyond what the standard 16 bars merit
Inherit my cop scars and bear it
No barracks in front of a firing squad if the ( ? ) wear it
My code of ethics - live and die by the Chi
Bar counts is portions yo body's divided by
( ? ) by six shots
This is a Debo and Biggie stare-down, we will never see eye-to-eye
This is Ren's flow with Eazy's adlibs
Destructive Dre appetite showin mad ribs
Cube young and obnoxious
Any nigga offended got skid marks in front of they boxers
My engine runs on 20-barrel-gun bingin
And the name of the ( ? ) when son's injured
He thinkin a nut's cringin
Shove a barrel in your mouth so wide that Superhead jaws is unhingin
Pop Patron and pour clear champagne
Toast to salute the most feared champ's reign
Or get your queer cap slain
I don't just shit on you, I rub it in, my definition of smear campaign
Who got the sickest bars, blitzkrieging tracks
Before you answer that, here's some intriguing facts
Your flow sucks dick Strahan style
You should make the All-Madden team the way your jam leads the league in sacks
For the paper I'm clappin righteous steel
That's the live shit, send that rapper ranked to kill
Your afterlife is Sealed, you ain't sick, so sacrifice your grill
All you're feedin is my appetite to kill

(My appetite to kill) --> Eazy-E
(You guys know who I'm talkin to)
(Say what)
(Suprise niggas) --> N.W.A

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