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At the Top

[Killer Mike]
I'm sittin' at the top, I got a bird's eye view
Downtown condo purchased by the birds I flew
Actually I purchased this with the words I drew
Reminiscin' on the days when the birds I flew
Bird flu money got a nigga hot like fever
Life's a cold bitch but I ain't ever trying to leave her
I'mma get them dollars, pour bottles and fuck some models
Write a song about it, do the same shit tomorrow
Ay I tried to tell my bitch that I can't sit or fuckin' nap
Till I'm sitting on top like a Braves fitted cap
Got my name jumpin' out the floor and straight up through the roof
Now I got them hoes jumpin' out their clothes and in the coupe
Then I take 'em to the condo, rip 'em all, cut 'em loose
Tell 'em see y'all in the morning ladies I got shit to do
Then it's back to the money, to the hustle and the griz-ind
If a bitch think she trumps that she's out her motherfucking miz-zind


[Killer Mike]
Hoes used to laugh, said a nigga look like Re-Run
Now these bitches sweating me on MTV and re-runs
Now them hoes is lucky to get in the club that we run
Now I shine and ball on a bitch, neon neon
She play her husband like a peon just to get peed on
Tell my patna Sleepy, can't believe the shit that we on
Cold hearted macks for the stacks we pumpin' freon
Space age pimpin' with that above and beyond
Pimpin' like a young 8Ball or MJG son
Pimpin' harder, riding a foreign, not no Nissan
Ride in black and white Benz, look like a penguin
New woman wit' me flew in from Cali but she from England
She model, pretty, long black hair, and do some singin'
She better than whoever but never had a hit record
She wanna get together and get married forever
I thought about Kelis and said no bitch I'm 'bout my cheddar

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