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Ay Man

ay man
ay man
ay man
metatron aka P dubba

let me splain the difference between you and my
hot in Miami but you know I keep da cooler spot
stop light g wagger rocker
pullin up on the side is a suicide
you just a run of the mill nigga
here’s the difference man I run with the mills
niggas can’t eat I ain’t done with the mills
see them niggas is grinnin’ man they have fun with the steel
Pharrell you a cool nigga let me shake ya hand
you wear tight pants, you wear black vans
you in long vans, grippin this guy hand
and I heard you got a crib in virginia, on the sand
not you, you ain’t around the port nigga
nigga you’s a purjeror you lying in court nigga
you prolly snitchy snitchy, prolly, bitchy bitchy
I don’t wear them big chains no more, because they itch me
drop my girl off
pick up the enzo
ride through hyley
ride through kindo
ride through cal city
ride through overtown
where they leave their ass on the ground
but you say that they know you now
but the difference is, when they see ya
will they hold ya down

see he grew up with a heroin peddle
and made fun of me cuz I was a odd fellow

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