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{Verse 1}

When you see me in the driz I come probably on the humble
The street keep callin I gotta change my number
I'm a thunderstorm I wet shirts
Plus I'm right up in the Gulf so it can worse
Put my white up in her bra, and my burner in her purse
She get right past the law, shit we might smash tomorrow
And if there's nice cash involved I'm right there with y'all
Cash Money Records nigga, Life After Raw
Captian hard I got that hard white
Shit look marble under certain light
Who that IS?...
Weezy F. Baby ho word it right
Homie spit cool bars like Klondike
My 9 right here....I ain't lyin
He can stop the track and let me shoot one time if you don't believe me
I'm so nasty how I did them Carmelo Anthony's with the jewelry to match it...
Look like a mural on my chest
Two or three chains I plural the best
Yes...and fresh is how I'm dressed
Floss on a rack, Lacoste on my set
The easy pair of Pradas, the mean three quarters
You know the ankle lengths, no socks wit them...
Aye Stunna, them niggas better pack up
Tell em that your son be out front with backup
Bitch back up

{Verse 2}

And I am, feeling like a million dollars
No, really like a billion dollars
Curt Schilling how I pitch the powder, in a mist of riders
Still sending kites to lifers
I feel like my ice the brightest
Why I feel like my Nikes the whitest?
Young nigga tuned up like Midas
I'm ill like hepatitis, we appeal when they extradite us
Take death to fighters
And even that won't bite us nigga that don't move us
Our backs is glued up we too stuck
And you ask why my bitch stuck up?
Blood, she got crack up her butt
I back up the truck like Sonny in Bronx Tale
Or Gotti in Southside, highly intoxide, That high
Ridin on the Wildside, our side
Tell the law that I'm in a 300 Thou ride
Fuck around and my seats be cow-hide
I'm so country, my flow husky
Repo Man, faget you owe something
He must not know the repocussions
We so struggling like we po'
Cause ain't enough dough to get us equal with the white people
That's what you need to know
And I'ma tell you why you need to vote
Cause that muhfucka need to go, it's that simple

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