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Babys Gone

If this was a joke
I'd be laughing by now
Cuttin' up with the boys
And braggin' bout how
I talked my way
Out of the trouble i was in again

She kept sayin'
You're gunna miss me
But i never did take her seriously
I guess her gift of prophecy was real amen

Babys gone
Baby aint to blame
Thatd be my fault
Me and my no brain
Might'a took a train to Tupelo
Might'a been Tulsa for all i know
Talk about movin' on
Babys gone

I admit im the type
Needs a wake-up call
Sometimes you gotta hit me
With a cannonball
I guess baby goin' AWOL did the trick
Pretty quick

Now the trick is
Gettin that phone
If i have to call everybody she's ever known
And tell'em this

[Repeat chorus]
If you wanted my attention
You've got it now
Baby, anthing

[Repeat chorus]
That's the name of the song
Babys gone

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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