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Back 2 Da Lab

I was, I was raised, I was raised in the 90's
Back then, it was highly unlikely
You would see another man wearing stretched jeans
Nowadays man are wearing stretched jeans
You, you man are wearing some next jeans
Born funny, you man have got next genes
I know that it's good to be different
But you man are taking trends to the extreme
Big man ting, man I say what I like
If it's nike it's nike
Mixing my brands is one thing that I don't like
Boog garments take a hike
Back in the day I used to get busy with the iceburg history
My first clash went down in history
Man said that he's a old school g
But I couldn't care less 'bout your past and history
Then I'm, then I'm gone like a zonda
The bars hit hard like a conker
The man them are eating good
Lazy, order the lobster
Gimme that, gimme that, gimme that
I'm due to bust like a jimmy hat
Gimme that riddim and it's on
No long, no silly chat
I can't believe that silly slag tried it
I'm a thug, I can't hide it
I wanna live good
Fuck surviving
The lickle waste man's getting it twisted
Thinking you're gonna get stripes for the hypin'
Rubbed out, I don't wanna hear it
It's my flow, I don't wanna share it
You man are [?], fuck your fake gucci
Come through on the [?]

So they thought I was gonna stop at three, but the fans said they wanted more, so I came back and gave them back in the lab four. Calm

There was a part, you're nowhere near it
Big mac 11, ain't petting to tear it
To my thugs them rolling around
And my dawgs them holding it down
RIP Mark Duggan and I won't stop saying it
Know that it's pain when I'm saying it
And for T-Man, I got love nigga
[?] freedom, is a must nigga
Don't get trapped in the system
Friscos never been a victim
Instead of riding a bird
I'm a ride on a track
Then [?] the tec, then I missed him
Then I'm, then I'm gone, then I'm gone
Skeng man mode, when I'm on, when I'm on
I'm just tryin' build a lickle vibe with the gal them
Hotel, pop off the thong then I'm gone again
I've been hearing the same boog from a lot of them
Frisco's this, Frisco's that
Frisco's shit, Frisco's swag
Say what you want
Frisco's going on strong again
And I'm still on the road like tarmac
Raised in a jungle, Tarzan
Don't think that [?]
That automatically makes you a hardman
Nah fam, this ain't telly
This ain't Scarface, this ain't Belly
This ain't Shottas, where I'm from
We get paid and then go shopping at Trotters
Yellow and white and rose on my neck
Pinky ring, stone baguettes
Your dawg should have told you
That little [?] you're there trying to flex with's
Overly there

Yes. Trust me. Gonna have some fun with this one, Back 2 Da Lab volume four. Feels good man. Let's go

And man are like, right, that's how you're gonna start it off?
Yeah fam, we ain't, we ain't beating about the bush about nothing, straight up hard
You get me?

I wanna thank anyone that bought Back 2 Da Lab volume one, two or three
Even if you bought all three, better still, but right now this is volume four
You get me?

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