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Bandana On The Right Side

See first of all imma east R-I-D-E-R,
nigga capishe i will R-I-P these boys.
Or at least put there ass up in the E-R,
put that pump to the chest like C-P-R.

We already got ours,
but we just need yours.
imma beast,
and i hangs with the beastie boys.
And we roll tighter than yeasler boy,
predator mentality, seek and destroy.

You talk alot of shit, well come and meet me boy.
Them niggas is scared, actin like im a quiji board.
like "lil weezy are you with me?" one to your kidney.
Coming to your block, and nina will be with meee ...

Baby imma blood, i be all i can be.
I excute your boss, murder your faculty.
The devils after me, but heavens at my future.
Young fire track, swooooop for red ...

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