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Bet Yo Bankroll

[Hook x2: Yo-Yo Munie]
I hustle all day right here in the trap house
Pull them dice out and watch me turn it into a crab house
Bet yo, Bet yo bankroll x4

[Verse 1: Yo-Yo Munie]
Know I'm 'bout my money shit trying to get some money quick
There's money over here, you can't be slowing up my money bitch
Posted in the trap, trying to make a mil
Cook that dope and feed cow, who said I can't make a meal?
I got yo' yo' money, I'm Yo-Yo Munie
Serving junkies like I want all yo' money
Hit my plug up and tells him to bring some old school
Save me the ones you got on you and bring some extras O's too
Them checks hang out so you know I'm getting mine
That dos status swangas hitting junkies at a time
And when them junkies coming in then that money coming in
And when that money coming, then money doubling

[Hook x2: Yo-Yo Munie]

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
I know life ain't for certain I hear
Some niggas hurting out here
Looking for that money mane, stressed out drinking beer
Some niggas pop them pills, some niggas do that coke
Most niggas kill our coat, most niggas don't have hope
Niggas do what they do, sell dope, jacking fool
Kick door burglars, that ain't nothing new
Sitting at a crab table, betting yo' life and shit
This is how we eat, this is how it is
If you don't understand the hood, you don't need to know about it
You can't come through the hood, cause you gonna be about it
So on too some corporate niggas off with better jobs
Niggas gonna get they mothafucking ass robbed

[Hook x2: Yo-Yo Munie]

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