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[Lil' Wayne talking]Py til I die, just beacause, pyru, b's up, bitch I'm me[chorus]Young mony is the labelLet us in the door, comin in this bitch all red to the floorAnd I'm blooded soowoo and I'm blooded soowooI got bloods on stage bloods at my showsF**k with my bloods got blood on your clothsAnd I'm blooded soooowooo (2)Once again its on, yea I'm back in the boothStand at the top like a tac in the roofStill on these hoes like a mack in a suitStill on my toes not a crack in my shoeRappers talkin about me but I don't give a hootThese niggas still lyin I'm the muthafukin truthTalk tough till I knock off your kuffAnd I own my team, I'm like a MaloofThey hatin on me I'm just tryin to be weezyJust like young jeezy in da lima bean Ghini(Lamborghini)Smoked out my mind baby and now I'm seein three of yaDope boy fresh from my fitted to my DCAll red so these hoes know who we beWe B's Bloods we B'sPopeye flow yea ya'll niggas sweet peasGettin high on a yacht call it seaweed[chorus]Yea, I advance my flow and they must like thatThey like it so much, they say they write that[Blooded lyrics on]Barkin at the dog, but I don't bite backI aint CPR I aint bringin they life backBlack CVR bad bitch on a bite backSkittles on my wrist, yea nigga the bright packIma shine, I live where da light atAirforce fly call me a nike checkBrand new coupe same color as the skyThe dash say 2, lord know I'm gon tryCop pull me over lord know I'm gon lieThey go up in my trunk lord know I'm gon fryThem niggas throwin salt all over my friesSo ima just walk all over them guysNiggas throwin darts never hit the bullseyeYoung money bitch new orleans east side[chorus]Yea, been around the world rep the same thangBeen around the world its the same gangB's up B's up flame gang blaaat blaaat blaaat bang bangI tol my homie streets can't sleep on lifeSo he popped the X pill and didn't sleep all nightI aint worried bout you I'm just tryin do meLast album did 2 I'm just tryin do 3I am wat every pair of eyes oughta seeBitches just wish they could call and order meMy momma used to tell me just get a 9 to 5Cash money made her say never mind I'm fine(B's up!)[chorus]

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