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Blunt on the Topic of the Stunt


Check this out
Check it out checka
Checkitout check it
I gets blunt on the topic of the stunt
Yeeaah x4

[Necro Verse 1]

I'll leave blood dripping from your anus if you diss
I never sweat
Un-sensitive I'm negative with this
I piss semen in your uterus
Bitch, you could kiss my asshole
After I've taken a shit
I approach a female roach
For digits
I stay away from petite midgets
Bitches that squint and fidget
Four eyed cunts, that smoke blunts, with bad breathe
I tie up
Bust out the whips and chains and beat the bitch to death
Your chokin cherries get broken
Blood, drips on your lips
After one grip with the silicone and make you lick your nips
Suck on the cleavage
Choke on your titty
Your cunts gritty
Ill punch if your ass crack or attitude is shitty
Too far for Necro
I grab your neck and squeeze and never let go
Introduce you to the nickel plated dildo
Every bitch bleeds
From the double barrel beads
If the bitch is a hooker
I'll take her to the bathroom and jux her
Rape her
Flip her
Cum on her Guess shirt
Watch the ovum squirt
Bitches leave mentally hurt
Don't flirt, less your prepared for the sick
Necro-philliac embalming fluid infested dick

That's the 1st verse
I Get Blunt on the Topic of the Stunt

[Necro Verse 2]

Depravity ???????
The pregnant tube greased with cool lube
Up your ass with blood on your boob
Think twice before you say you got a man
The bloody diaphragm could be easily rammed up the clam
Molested by the Gyna
I fuck you with the semen infested fist
I then piss the amount
The urine went down south to your stomach
Were you got hit by something that belongs to a nut case
I bust nuts on your face then laugh
Put on your mother fucken cast ...
Holes inside your panties so I could slide in
When you not looking
And then I getting you pregnant cunt

I get blunt on the topic of the stunt
You cunt x4

Tips tips tips tips I made Mary Jo, give me a blow with her crooked lips x2

Billy do you wanna get on x2

I gets blunt on the topic of the stunt
I get blunt

[ILL Bill]


[Necro Verse 3]

I'm a fucked up retarded
Nigga with my ear on my cheeks
I do ????????
Blood Sucking Freak
Necro sticks his dick in the wall socket
I'm at the central booking with a shank in my pocket
I'm sick like Riker's Island
Like Tipper I'm in to gore
Security at a store packing a two by four
On flesh I gnaw
Body parts I saw
A victim of the law
I'm immature
On your dead grave I swore
Die die die die die die
Play Russian roullete and put a fucken bullet in your eye
Don't ask why
Cuz you don't wanna know the half
Tapes that go through the ??? of prison cells
The most underground path
I'm not even a writer
Check out the infamous fame
You don't know shit
If you don't know the meaning of my name
Necrophiliac fucks the dead
Bucks the head with 45 colts
In the brain of corrupt adults
And Necro catapults
Bombs from castles
I'm not in to hassles
I put petroleum jelly on assholes....
I use knives for dildo's every bitch bleeds
From the motherfucken horno porno beads

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