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Breaking 2Bad

“Too bad you fucked up, dummies
Too bad you fucked up, dummies”

Jesse Pinkman: Tell me why you’re doing this. Seriously
Walter White: Why do you do it?
Jesse: Money. Mainly
Walter: There you go
Jesse: Nah, come on, man
Jesse: What?!

[Verse 1: B. Dolan]
Now let me say a little prayer before we eat
This is dedicated to the news that we delete
Associated guilt, bye bye, sucker freeways
Hard time rumbling, you wonder how we sleep
I’ll tell you: the answer is seldom and lightly
Record by the head, ball pen right beside me
You could choose one if you feel lucky
Either way you’re losing, it’s too bad you fucked up, dummy

[Hook: Sage]
Tough titties said the kitty
(Epic Beard Men! No pity!) No!
As an emcee it doesn’t matter how important being modest is
I hold this … arrogance over you Donovans
I’m Quasimodo, pseudo-mono, semi-automatic
I challenge a 40-ounce to my 4.0
You left crews battered, cut up, and bloody
Too bad (Too bad you fucked up, dummy!)

Walter: I’m thinking maybe you and I could partner up
Jesse: Sage, you and me?
Walter: That’s right
Jesse: Sage…

[Verse 2: Sage and B. Dolan]
One for the one who couldn’t slow his roll
Two for the crews who broke up on the road
Three for the plea you copped and got old
But that was a long time ago

I’m not wasting time pushing my CDs to stores
I’m too busy just convincing people not to buy yours
I cock block, I black ball, no pause, no stalls
Brother B. Dolan got a story for y’all:

[B. Dolan]
Now once upon a time not too long ago
A local opener or two played the fool in a show
Dude, how you in the dressing room touching my shit?
I’m living out of that suitcase, you’re leaning on it
And every drink that you leave down next to my laptop
I think about stomping your teeth into the blacktop
Fifteen minutes over time (Oh hell no!)
And came back stage looking for dap, holding demos
I paid you a compliment, you asking about money too much
(Too soon) Too puffed-up, sonny (Too gas)
Too high (too funny) Too few paid dues
Do you, little bunny

Yo, it’s just too bad you fucked up, dummy
Too bad you fucked up, dummy (“Oh well”)
Too bad you fucked up, dummy
Too bad you fucked up, dummy

Walter: Did you learn nothing from my chemistry class?
Jesse: No. You fucked me. Remember? Prick. And let me tell you something else: This ain’t chemistry. Okay? This is art
Walter: Oh ho ho. I saw your setup. It was ridiculous. You and I will not make garbage
Jesse: Yeah, well, we’ll see about that

Too bad you fucked up, dummy
Too bad you fucked up, dummy
Too bad you fucked up, dummy

Walter: You know the business. (“Strange Famous!”) And I know the chemistry

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