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Bring Me Down

You’ve ever get the feeling
No matter what they do what they say
You know you’re gonna make it someday

You know the feeling when your back is against the wall
People say they love you but you ain’t convinced at all
Tell them they are full of shit until you get insecure
Call them immature is that making sense at all?
You ever felt like is you against the whole world?
Like everybody is scheming even your own girl
Your home boy seems to be counting your money
Tell them you ain’t got it and that you’re looking at your ..
I’m feeling like I probably needed even leave the game alone
Even beat the cheat the bank the chrome and get .. they know
How this .. go story in and out
You know what they say for now

They say I’m killer
I feel I’m as high as I can be
.. as we
I can be no …
They aren’t gonna bring me down (repeats)

I can be no…
They aren’t gonna bring me they

I’m too high but it’s not from a drug
It’s not from a drips not from a night at a club
It’s not from abroad
It’s not from a cough …
I would tell you
But if I tell you
Then I got to kill you
I’ve been around a …
It’s ill like a vet it’s still wet behind the ear
Some niggers look hard
But I don’t feel frightened behind the …
I’m looking for victims
They could volunteer
Here’s somebody that jumped out the window
He tried to stop me
I waited for nigger shot him
Like I was a paparazzi
I shouldn’t have to make always an issue with the pistol
Just to prove the kid was an official tissue to the …
How this .. go story in and out
They know what they’re saying for now


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Saigon Bring Me Down Album Lyrics
Bring Me Down
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