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[Intro: Clip from Out For Justice]

- I’ve noticed a lot of boxing memorabilia. We got some gloves over here. Pictures everywhere. Who’s the boxer?
- Me
- You’re the boxer?
- Yeah
- You a tough guy?
- Yeah, tough enough
- Really? What could you do?
- To you?
- Yeah

You getting brutalized!

(Verse one)

I’m a street fighter like M. Bison
I might bite you like Tyson, trife with a license
Put ice on the cut, doctors’ll be splicing it up
Rocky snuffed right to the gut
I’m a Spartan, start beef my fists will harden
You punch like a girl but you ain’t Christy Martin
You get no love, hit you with no gloves
Duff you like sure enough shove you no one’s above
My thunder and lightning, your eyes sting
No wonder you need Visine, not surprising, London Prize Ring
You felt were ill, your black belt ain’t shit
When you’re attacked in your jail cell you fainted
While you’re pumping dope in you I’m jumping rope
There’s no hope for you dope, chump, jealous lazy bum
No matter son I’m training whether it’s sunny or raining
Like Sonny I’m reigning, you Patterson


You realise when I close up your two eyes you getting brutalized
Size you up, prize fight shit, die what, you getting brutalized
Fake tough guys break and snuff no compromise, you getting brutalized
Size ain’t shit, big guys victimized too, you getting brutalized

(Verse two)

Yo I laugh at you fronters, a no-skill rider
You ain’t no ill fighter, you telegraph punches
Shots thrown from the hip your dome split open
Hemotobin, you should’ve known your shit
Defence techniques from a knuckle-bone blitz
Your knees buckle you’re weak sucker, don’t snitch
Deal with it, real with it, it’ll heal quick
Then I’ll run up on you again and bust open your shit
Twice, three times, quadruple, rip apart pupils
Kick like marsupials hard and brutal
Then watch how we get busy, you left dizzy
Left right hook where is he? Side step and you miss me
Weapon the rugged ? for myself
Thug it, militants, weapons, our hands deadly, slug it out
You’re bugging out, drugged up, get knocked out
Your mouth plugged up with stitches, you’re ugly now


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