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Burn This City

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]Stop playin wit me cannon in my hand And I'll be damn if any man disrespect me on my land Intercept a niggas plans ineffective xxx nigga I'm fi-fire man but I'll wet that xxx nigga My vessel pump liquor I'm a special xxx nigga No frontin I'm in front of these extra last niggas I'm a extra bad nigga I'm a side ways shooter Open up the maserati xxxx the high way troopas Cuz nowa days dudes a run and tell a troopa So I hope that same trooper come find u when I lose ya (hey) These niggas talkin out tha side of they medulla Preserve a nigga put his body in a cooler Turn hI'm into ice call me weezy the jeweler Run up on me boy and get smoked like buddha Who the xxxx wanna get it in ya next break Gasoline on yo door steps... fire [Burn This City lyrics on][Verse 1: Lil Wayne]Sicka than a bird flu I am the bird man jr And you niggas just bird food We livin in a whirlpool u gotta eat or get ate And you look like bait Don't u stick one hand over the gate This dog treat u niggas just like steak... dinner I'm that nigga take a break My xxxx up is a perfect mistake... I'm great Murder renegade music my flow stupid I'm cold I spit mucous I'm tight like suchus, righteous, rootless strap shoot cha We rich sue us Snitch leave em Bitch sue us Pushin up daisies, roses, petunias Weights?, funeral, service, communion I'm hotta than the mother xxxxxx hot boys reunion... weezy

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