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Butt Plugs Remix (BP Remix)

[Nate Dogg]
Ho, you don't want my butt plugs...

Yo, yo, yo This is the man from below
Fucking your hoe, and spending lots of dough,
I got my man Nate Dogg, He's gonna drop it like a log,
Rain or fog, even through smog,
My plug is big like a moose, put it in your caboose,
Fits in tight like a noose, even though you're loose as a goose.
Your momma takes the plugs like a champ,
On an incline like a handicapped ramp, makes your legs cramp,
Stamp, stamp, stamp, you're a fucking tramp.

We're thugging with the plugs,
We're as bad as can be,
Better have some KY,
Or you'll be bleeding.

[Nate Dogg]
Oh you don't want my butt plugs...

[Nate Dogg]
My name is Nate the Great, D-O-double G don't mess with me foo,
I'm gonna stick it in your poo, BOOM! BOOM!
I'm the poostabber, shitter shatter, jibber jabber,
My butt plugs are the baddest,
The raddest and fattest, this is a remix NIIAA!
Take this plug in the butt, don't worry it won't cut,
You're a fucking slut...
I'm going to give it to you like never before,
A sedulous thrust, harder with more and more,
After a while we can do it on the floor,
After you're done we can go to the store
We might freak another trick just to fill up your score, BAM!!


My pen is my plug, my first plug was my pen,
The biggest of dongs, aimed right at your men,
I use my razor on them, and lay them wide open,
Those shoddy imitation Tiwanese double-dongs pretend,
You're blowin' now,
Get ready, we'll be boning steadily,
Using zero KY, I'm a pure pedigree,
Incredibly, ramming through whatever is ahead of me,
Where-ever the robbery, we be slamming slobbily.
I'll penetrate your ass with my cock,
An anal sex regimen, all around the clock.
I get the razor cause you're tight like a cop,
Ready to spread you with my scalpel, won't stop,
You're blowin' now.

[Nate Dogg] {Bridge}
Ho, you don't want my butt plug
We get freaky like Peurto Rikis on your rug
I want that shit no less than double-D
Fit a BP deep when we're puffin on trees

[Chorus]: X2, 3rd time fade out

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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