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Butterfly's Repose

You don`t have to speak
Don`t need to talk to me
Baby, I already know
The shadows in your head
They`ve got you down again
Got you feelin` low

But it`s time to rest, now
Let it all melt now
Wipe your tears

The sun`s already set, now
Won`t you go to sleep, now?
I`ll see you in your dreams

`Cause I`m right here
Darlin`, I`m right here

Close your pretty eyes, my butterfly
Baby, have no fear

The future`s lookin` bleak
Your will to live is weak
But honey, hold on for me

I know that you`re an angel
But it`s not your time to fly, now
We need you here on earth

Stay right here

I`ll stay here with you, my dear

Look up to the sky and know
I am still alive
Because you want me to be

Remember, my dear
You`re strong
You`re loved
You`re beautiful, so beautiful
And you belong here on Earth

I love you

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