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Came Back

[Verse 1: Young buck]

Fuck what I've been trough
Yea i'm going trough, and no one do it better though
And evreything in my past I had to let it go
From my arrest rate up and to my eses
Let's just say ..., my debts pay!
Now it's one stage, one mic
But the money still green and the bricks white
Check in, mother fuckers why I take flight!
The only thing Never see, money make right!
No manager been managing my own
And they callin my phone
And that the damage is gone
This shit crazy
Soon they cut the cameras on
This shit amazing, we rappers get exterminated and gone
We get to lie, talking about the birds that they buy
And the jets that they fly
He never had a dime like me
Cause inside is who you need to be
Cause the outside ain't you
A part of we see
Cause this is what i dose
Not just who I was
Who I am, who I'm gone be is one love
Ten niggers, one plub but we all each
If one fall then we all get him on his feet
No rules!
New niggers have no clue!
Masterys and why I act like I don't know you!
Baby momma bullshit is what you go through
But she ain't a poster star
Doing shit that the hoes do

[Hook: Young Buck]

... killing me since
Way, came back
And have been killing me since!
Way, came back
And have been killing me since!
You niggers ain't shit, I've been killing... since. [x2]

[Verse 2: Young Buck]

Yeah, with no tears drops either
Fuck ya all I ain't gotta make you a believer!
When your daughter got a fever and your doctor said she's stressed out
This is when you noticed somebody getting stressed out
You know the feeling in the pen when you let out
Years go by, but there's some shit enough to get by
What you get through
You reach back and break the niggers out of this... where they sent you
Maybe I'm just too true
But I refuse to do things that you do!
I'm a stay in my own lane and you too
I never let you niggers know more than you knew!
Rap this! See my life, figure you do!
To bust filed up and don't know who's who
How long mother fuckers, this is...?
Cash filled records
Something you ain't used to

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