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Can't Stop Now (Kicks Like A Mule Remix)

[Hook: Mr Vegas]
Girl I’m loving you more every day, can’t stop now
I’ll be loving you more tomorrow, can’t stop now

[Verse 1: Azealia Banks]
I get the *shots* like high fives
Leave your *boy* hanging out on a clothes line
Play peek-a-boo through a slit like blinds
And seen his little meat like chicken pot pie
His chicken pox eyeballs fall underneath
Up stack street time to retreat
Meet me in the middle hit the door like road runner
Change my screenname and phone number
Hit your dick with the duce like pop
There ain’t a buck that keeps enough to make *bullet* Okay *gunshot*
Bang, I’d rather *toilet flushes*
Through the bladder
Now pop quick like handsoap lather
No cigs excuse, no niggas on my block
Your condom fit like a skittle in a sock
I haven’t had a tater tot since I ate school lunch
So you can eat the *broken glass* while I face these blunts

[Interlude] (x4)
Oooooooh, Yeah!
(Oooooooh, Yeah!)

[Verse 2: Azealia Banks]
Starvin' Marvin *broken glass* to pull me
Sweeter than ya lass I’ll be your teacup and you know we gotta *gunshot*
Before we gets to feed herbs
You follow, I’m the leader
You Tamera I’m the Tia cause I *gunshots*
You stuck on, dumb dumb! *gunshot*
Better make me *gunshots*
All I want is *broken glass* and then some
And umm…
A set of (gunshot) rings, and them
Excuse me? (gunshot)
Look, pardon me
My bitch is beat like card 3
Make a *gunshot* feel sauced like it’s hard to be
Ya *Broken Glass*
Don’t bother me
Too strict like year-long Halloween
Pull up to Banks like Collard Greens
Broke ones won’t get no far to me
Cheap is what I find hard to be

[Hook: Mr. Vegas] (x2)

[Interlude] (x16)

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