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Change On Me

[Produced by Ric and Thadeus]

[Intro: Kevin Gates]
I seen something in a nigga that I really fuck with and it was very disappointing
You know, but business ain't no place for feelings and feelings ain't no place for business (get em gates)
Told my homegirl bitch you bet not lie to me
Go back to jail you bet not have me playing lottery (whats that?)
Mighty [?] in a Phantom, rollin' 'round the bottom
Luca Brasi, bottles of Carlos Rossi

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
My uncle drinking them, unbelievable
Raider speed, he keep a crease
My grandmother, I give her money
My younger siblings, stealing from her
15 people in one house, I share a room with 6 other niggas
In the same bed, share cover with 'em
Well, comforter set, uncomfortable yet slightly
Fightin', fussin' over merely nothing
Evidently somethin', got niggas muggin'
Whip slipping through when I'm riding, fuck it
My main-main went out in public
Around people, start acting funny
Could it be that I'm attracting money?
Your entourage not lackin' funding
Foreign cars, twistin' cigars
Just press the parallel parking button
Not a freak for fame, don't like to be all on camera
Possibly fun and games, 'till somebody kidnap your family
Duck Tape 'em, beat 'em with hammers
Demanding you send a ransom
Favorite colors: red and white
Love snow, but not a Santa
I just dropped a 4 in a liter of apple Fanta
Born 1986, I was off the porch in the 90's
Fucked my ex looking for closure
But ain't no way I could find it

[Hook: Kevin Gates]
Told my homegirl, bitch you bet not change on me
Streets talkin', favorite rapper got some change on me
Luke, you bet not change on me
Percy, bet not change on me
Booby, bet not change on me
Menace, bet not change on me
Peetie, you bet not change on me
Beezy, you bet not change on me
Moka, you bet not change on me
Big Meezy, you bet not change on me
Gunner, you bet not change on me
Eazy, you bet not change on me
Look all your niggas dead in they shit, and repeat
You bet not change on me

[Verse 2: Percy Keith]
Brand new kicks, watch where you steppin' at
Bitches on my dick, I'm fresher than a peppermint
B.W.A. in the club we reppin' that
Get your hands off my waist ho, that's where the weapon at
Wait, that's a sale?
Calling on my cell?
I just got out a cell
I just got out of jail
Fucking with my mail
Don't get boulevard mailed
What you want, I sell
This bitch nigga don't tell
Feeling on her body, she don't tell me stop it
9 millimeter poppin', Compliments of Luca Brasi
Bitch check out my look, I am not a crook
More paper than a book
Bitch I fuck with Nook
Uptown bet not change on me
Southside bet not change on me
My old bitch wanna drop change on me
I got my new bitch name on me
But bitch i'm selling dope
Bitch my swag is dope
Sticking to the code (Percy)


[Verse 3: Mista Cain]
(What the lick read?)
Eddie said Lil' Mike back there talkin'
Fucked the nigga bitch, he tried to put me in a coffin
Let her hit that head
Bitch home walking
Plus they tryna indict me for a murder that happened on Dawkin
Cross me, and I'm bustin' a steel
And Big Chris'll come and get you on the muscle for real
Only time will tell what my future may behold
Look like the only way you eat, if it's you sell your soul
(Hold up)
Wait, that's my bitch, callin' 'bout a bitch
Read a message in my phone, she was talkin' 'bout my dick
I told that bitch quit, you always wanna bitch
That's my nigga, that's the code word he use for them bricks


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