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But its past hasn't been figuredYou would be surprised if you couldFor sure, today would be clearerNo one is leaving beyond timeExistence is limited by lifeThe past is gone today draws the lineIt is not dead, it is just stuck in iceWill you break that ice?Sudden turn of the process of timeSudden overthrowChronological turbulenceMixture of the epochsSinking into confusion slimeMadness starts to growNightmares of the past are no more frozenThe chronocraze strikesChronocrazeYou are plunged in a deadend odysseyThrough the heart of a timeless statewhere the frontier between now and thenIs just a misguiding fateMemories are freeRecollections are materializedI hope you haveOnly good souvenirsSome pretend to knowWhat has been and what will beThe truth will only glowIf you are there to touch and seeShadows of what used to beEntering your realitiesShadows of what used to beReaching all infinitiesPast deeds are mixed withPresent actionsThe only futur you have ismade of expectationsThe only futur you have isIs threatened by the chronocraze
Obliveon Chronocraze

Date Added: 2007-12-28
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