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Cinco de Carter

Intro - dj drama
Your listening to the gods of rap
Floweezy and weezy double weezy

Lil wayne-
Flew to Australia came back like a boomarang
Just went over seas I got her on her knees she ain't
Praying oops I meant playing she addicted to this dope
I turn a clean hoe to a dirty hoe she snow blowing
Like a trumpet all you can hear is trumpets I got her
Yelling oh Carter cause I am her savior give her ten minutes
And more in heaven I got cash coming in like I hit seven eleven
Jack pot from your dealer that's free gas jacking gas prices pass the weed like 420 360 10.4 that's A1 151 69 o7a yeah i got your bae
She dick riding screaming no going back to my old one cause carter is my new 1, i study her 154 code 4 to her old thang
The fire is out the flame is out who can blame her she loves tune i am never out a tune i got goons with big b's i take her to Arbys
Applebees to Micky Ds she can't enough of me she can't wait to see me she like tune i miss you i say i miss you bae hows yah day she said better with you tune, she can't live out me yah that's my baby she wavy with the curbs i got the herbs and spices whipping up the soda in kitchen like a chief i'm top chief i got to many hoes like hef all need is the silk robe

Florez onna five sketit if you wittit it's litted
All fitted no bullshit we too lit so sit and and enjoy
This shit like a good movie 80s groovie modern day
GOAT the verese float rock the boat hit the right
Notes that's music to my ears get this in gear start it
Up engine roaring like a lion I got desendence from the
Mayans I ain't lying check my DNA
When it comes to the mulah I be multipling without a
Division sign I am out my mind gone crazy Earth to florez
Gone to Mars with weezy my chains iced out freezy
This shit breezy to easy like numbers to letters count
All this money like a bank teller
You see nothing hear nothing Hellen keller
Me and weezy interstellar space invasion don't invade my space
Never get in my face or say your grace my cases stay close
No peeking no leaking Imma deep thinker think big I think out side the box like Einstein art like devince Mona Lisa smile that's wealthy
Like Jeff bezos wealth I am top shelf you can't reach my level you
Ain't on this level this level florez catch a good vibe I am fucking
Hype my verse ripe and ready to picked out from the money tree
This is cart v c5 Cinco de Carter it's a c5 freedom fiesta

Outro- lil Wayne

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