Lloyd Banks - Clips (Clipse - I'm serious remix) Lyrics

Clips (Clipse - I'm serious remix)

Guess who's back motherfucker, G U N I T
There's a lot of new niggas coming, but all of em under me
I'm the top gunner, the boy wonder, it's Lloyd's summer

You'll never earn what I keep on my wrist, this rap shit made me lazy
I smoke a blunt, get some head and fall asleep on a bitch
Go get back your mon's chains. I'm the number 1 in the draft, just ask
You're looking at the rap LeBron James
I'm like a breath of fresh air, a hope for the future
We got land, so I be looking out the scope when I shoot ya
There's a couple niggas emulating me but they both clones
My earrings reflect more colors than snow cones
Look homes, go make a resumé and stop wasting your time making them records the radio 'll never play
I'll give you my sneakers, green, blue, red and grey
I live by a couple codes, see, do, never say!
I laugh when I see your sales, Yayo got a bigger buzz than you on the streets, and he in jail
The hood's full of females, praying they first to go hatch
I fuck my bitch with a condom and a birth control patch! (Damn!)

I got a few singles that mingle, some bitches with brats
They hold me down, rub my back and make biscuits from scratch
I know you hoping that we don't sell more
I fuck around and buy a house with more rooms than a hotel floor
Look, I'm radio ready, in every hood I'm heavy, rolling, shoulder strapped the Dezzie
Yellow golden platinum bezzie
I ain't average stupid, I'm going to beef with Nelly
Nigga you starving, my money longer than Lisa Lesley
Take the handcuffs off your bitch, we done all been there "ready
She done laid her head next to more balls than spaghetti
None of you niggas can drive in my lane, you not worthy
The only real stripes you got is in your Yankees jersey
Now e'rbody is corrupt, even the kids understand murders
Fuck filet mignon, menu is fries and hamburgers
We got these niggas sick, they whole crew should be in pits
Somebody send a get well card to Misdemeanor Inc

Yayo what up nigga?!?
Don't worry about it, I got you baby!
Matter a fact, let that shit keep going nigga! (Whooo)
I gotta get loose on this!

No matter how much I put her through, mamma's gone believe what her son tell her
Niggas trying to wet me and the heat is my umbrella
Fella I'm leaning off the henny and vanilla. There's too much drama to leave your semi in the cellar
I got a nutcase that'll do anything I tell her
Take a dive off a project building if I let her
I'm so clever, the charm of a prince. Move around in a lag truck, armor within
It's amazing the way I flow, so I'm respected by the vets that been around since De La Soul
Hoe, you think I'm off point cuz she's blocking me?
I got niggas in the club watching you, watching me
We, see you whining all dramatic in your videos
Overreacting, I hope that he's packing
A couple of bullets 'll open his back and...
Another dickhead dead over rapping!

Yeah nigga!
I can't be stopped!!
G Unit!
Fuck all you niggas!

Date Added: 2017-08-30
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