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Covered in Gold

Yeah man
You really know i got all da swag man
I got all da jewels
You already know I'm a boss man

Givenchy, I'm covered in gold
We smoking the kush and the dope
We up in the water, the boat
We whippin you know that we roll

I'm with that dope
I'm with that dope
Versace I'm covered in gold
Money is all on the flo'
I lay the money on the flo', on the flo'

[Verse 1]
Fifty thousand bank roll
Give me seventy for a show
Versace I'm covered in gold
All of my jewelry is coal
Rock the Banana Boat
Tellem the game and I'll call
Up with your bitch she a goat
All of this money I unlock the code
I'm in beast mode
Lay the money on the flo'
BMW, i8 when I roll
I shut down the show

I thought that you know
Now that you know, covered in gold
I'm drippin in swag
I'm dabbing for show
Killing the bowl, (dab)
Rap game figure fo', (Kill it)
Imma take a hunnid thousand, lay it on the flo', (Killin' it, Killin' it)


[Verse 2]
The cameras they let em roll
Superstar rock n' roll, (Dre)
I just sold out the show, I'm covered in gold (Soulja)
Versace on the flo'
Fendi when I'm with that dope
It came all off the door
My swag is so cold
I'm froze
I'm feelin like Sub Zero
I play with the bags and the bowls
The O's they like Cheerios
Play with the game thats a no-no
40,000 for my promo
SOD thats my logo

You know what I know
If you know what I know then you go get that dope
I fuck with the money, I never turn it down, I go do a show
I make a hunnid million, Go and break it down all to the flo'
Shoutout to the Zone, 1 to the 2 to the 3 to the 4


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