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Cyborg Casserole

Yo, it's DMG
What the fuck you doing?

[Verse 1]
She said: "You're cumming in my hair!"
I said I'm sorry bitch, I aim high
Witty on a beat i been a beast since I was age 5
If y'all ain't heard of me, I been floating under your radar
While y'all been getting high I'm Skywalking like Darth Vader
See nothing is been catered, fuck you I'm duly noted
Rapper and a scholar, motherfuckers can't question the focus
You talk shit behind my back, don't think I don't notice
I'm high-class
Bang your girl in the back of a Focus
And now she asking for my dick that's a free load
And now you just an ex, man
Bro, like Magneto
Coming in with a BAM like, "Fuck Don Vito"
We been fucking all night I need my cock back, reload
This girl be like "Mark, umm.. your raps make me nauseous"
I'm sorry Mark's dead and he's the one with the conscience
I killed him last night with a pillow and a lock pick
I don't talk shit, motherfucker I talk toxic
My brain is a moshpit
They're yelling: "Witty's lost it"
I'm fly as a rocket, you fly as an ostrich
They asking for beef I got these wraps made of sausage
You wanna battle me? Well, motherfucker, that's nonsense

[Verse 2]
Rap game phenomenon
Coming for the top and I ain't even got a condom on
"S" on my chest like I'm straight out of comic con
Girl stop talkin' got some meat for you to slobber on
I took a trip to hell just so I could battle demons
Met a girl, I call her great white, she always swallows seamen
Took a minute to evolve and now I got the fans feeding
Need a girl with a rack in the back of a Four Seasons
I'm a crazy white 2 Chainz, you can call me 2 Knives
Nerdy Lil Wayne with the presence of a new guy
If you don't see my greatness you ain't looking through your two eyes
They told me I had competition, look around... Do I?
Who knew I would be your girls favorite MC?
Back when we were in highschool and you were bullying me
Now you're the local bar hero and it's funny to see
I drop kick you in the face and break your back with a knee
And this song is just foreplay
"You hear Mark's a rapper now?" Haters yelling no way
I'm sorry fake friends but I won't miss you like a snow day
If you coming after me, I'll leave your ass in the back [?]
Keep the bull coming
I got a couple fans now, that's gotta count for something
These fake rappers, buying fans, should only have a dozen
Doing it for the girls, lying, saying that they buzzing

[Verse 3]
They told me I was never good enough
Skinny white boy from the burbs wasn't hood enough
I couldn't make a team because my body wasn't big and buff
I never got the grades because I never really gave a fuck
Oh I'll never be shit? Well fuck you for doubting me
They call me a loser while I rock the name proudly
Now every accolade that I receive I make a tally
At a party with some liquor and the girls are yelling: "Drown me!"
Witty's still the meanest, still a motherfucking genius
Gave your girl a big bang, i think I made her cum Venus
I'm a samurai boy slaying bitches with my penis
Last pharaoh on the beat I got the people saying: "Lead us!"
Feed us, feed us, i started this shit back in my high-top Adidas
I've come a long way since it's Witty, nice to meat ya
I beast on the beat but they still try to lease ya, they can't beat ya
Hide behind twitter you some low life scum
I may not have a million views but you ain't got one
Take a seat for a second, put your thinking cap on
And realise through your eyes you a low life bum
This track is almost done and all I did was talk dumb shit
At least I'm having fun and telling off a bunch of dumb pricks
Never was a cool kid, I'm something that they wasn't
Wasn't... (x3)
Creative, musically inative
Barfing on the beat, I puked it out and then I ate it and
I told them I was never fucking stopping 'till I made it
Man, you similar to piss because to me you really ain't shit
Who am I? Who you asking, hoe?
I'm in an arcade jacking off, playing Wack-A-Mole
These frat rap, wack rap rappers man, they've got to go
Me against you robots, it's cyborg casserole

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