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Dedication Intro

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Yeah, you guessed accurately; it's me ladies and gents
Weezy F. Baby, please say the Baby
Gangsta Grillz, all up in ya grill
Drama holla at ya nigga
I won't lose me ya'll

[DJ Drama]
This is The Dedication!

Rest In Peace!

[Verse: Lil Wayne]
So now I'm burying the burner in the bama
I carry the concerns of my mama
I'm married to the money and the power
And still I got guns on my side for my private affairs
Yeah, I know that water get cold but I dive in it bare
And swim through it alive and aware, I been through it
You probably never been to it, so now I dip through it
And they respect me like a pistol, I'm hip to it
I gets to it like just do it, I miss doing it
A hundred shot drum, play 'em some clip music
I am the drum major, the drum section waiting
All it takes is one signal you can get a cadence
You can get it catered, I'm at your service like a waiter
When it's beef, I become a nigga neighbor
I put potatoes on the heater no label later
Now have me make mashed potatoes
French fry niggas, I bench then fire niggas, bye niggas
I wet em up like rivers, now flow by niggas
I'm drip and dry fly, now squint your eyes bitches
I dimpsy time bitches, hop out of new Bentley's
I'm old school like a loose Winston
Like since when they make bullet proof skin?
I put it to ya chin, and grin, and sin, and then
I sin again, and then I'm gone in the wind
And I'm dumping my Scarlett O'Hara in the canal
Cause I'm not getting stopped wit cop paraphernal'
Now I preparing a L, not preparing to fail
Cause my flow is for real like the Sahara in hell
Comparisons is irrelevant, I'm an arrogant male, yeah
I can handle it, I can graduate Yale, yeah
They featherweight, I sporadically ill
The fuck out and you can automatically killed, yeah
Peep the narrative of the New Orleans heritage
You can go get your evidence, I tell where and tell you when
I was prescribing medicine, you was getting your lesson in
I was getting my adolescence in
Lesser than God only, better than my last that's what strive for
Dwelling on my past I get high
So I light it up and smoke
Keep that Mary Poppins poppin' like a toaster
I'm Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Can't forget that purple potion, oh shit
You ho niggas is ass that's ho shit
So shit, I blow bigger in MASH and laugh
Like "Oh shit!"
I'm the best, no shit

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