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Denna Bitch

[Hook: Juicy J]
I hear em talking, money make a hater madder than a bitch
Got my check up, now you know I get more cash than a bitch
Got a pocket full of paper and a bad yellow bitch
Ass fatter than a bitch
My car faster than a bitch
What you saying, make em madder than a bitch
What you saying, get more cash than a bitch
What you saying, got a bad yellow bitch
Ass fatter than a bitch, my car go faster than a bitch

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
A hunnid billion dollars, that's the conversation
Nigga I got more whips than a dominatrix
Pretty bitch jump on my dick, lemme drive ya crazy
And you heard that my paper thicker than the yellow pages
Press that button lose the top, make it disappear
Its so lonely at the top, but I love it here
Pass that cream bitch I'm higher than Apollo 13
On that purple martini and a ounce of blue dream
So much money, make the counter blow a fuse
Live in the fast lane and fuck all the rules
I'm living on the edge, fuck a hater, fuck the feds
If I buy more ice, I might need to buy a sled


[Verse 2: Project Pat]
Smoking loud, drinking hen, man I'm higher than a bitch
Dick harder than a bitch
Wanna stick it in a bitch
Ferragamo louis shit
All designer in this bitch
I got gold on my teeth and neck, I'm shining as a bitch
Bitch look and see this shit, niggas mad than a bitch
Forty cocked, in the parking lot, get shot up than a bitch
I ain't tripping bout you man, I'm on dead presidents
All my niggas killas and ain't scared of the penitent-ions
Money always make a broke nigga mad, make him envy
Never bowing down to a bitch, it ain't in me
Lamborghini cost a ticket and I'm tryna ride that bitch
Pat your running up the check, we ain't tryna hit that shit

[Spoken Interlude: Pimp C]
You wanna say something about the pimp?
Gimme his address bitch I'ma come to his house
If they can feel that, then they can feel whats really going on down here right now mane
I'm glad we got an outlet where we can air these bitch ass niggas out
Know what Im talking about?

[Verse 3]
I can go broke any minute, still making 4 million in an hour
Closing deals with the cartel on my speakerphone in the shower
My bitch want that sour
You niggas is cowards, get the fuck off of my lawn
I'm cutting the grass with them choppas
Bullets is sounding like do-do-do-do hitting niggas and flowers
I don't fly jets, I buy jets
I'm from the low rise, high ground, projects
Fuck you and your street cash, little ass pub check
You sign niggas, I sign niggas, I buy the label
I'm in the Soho House in the library, eating sushi with Cung Le
Getting throwed from your politician, this ho wanna elect me
Still a hood nigga tryna fuck everything
Life in the villa, getting zarilla, nigga
Think of my scrilla
Keeping my wolves on deck like Michael on Thrilla

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