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Descent to Madness

Descent to Madness
The approach, unsuspecting, unassuming
Driven by curiosity and inquisition a mission unveiled
A window opened
Instincts would tell us to not venture into the void
But intrusiveness and investigation would beckon a call that would drive even Odysseus to shipwreck
The siren sings, we listen
Event horizon, peering over an abyssal precipice brimming with obscurity, teeming with a lore awaits a destiny not yet realized
The soul/sole journer teeters on sanity's eroding edge
This is not the place for deliberation
This is a place where if you tug at one string, the entire tapestry unravels
This is where angels come to fall
Yet one does not simply stumble into the mouth of madness
For, to call this descent a mere tumble would imply the peril experience as a child-like quality, almost playful, and innocuous in nature
This is anything but
This is innocence lost, this is plummeting from the summit of Olympus while the eager stares of the titans below feast on your fall from grace
And fall you have
Through a swirling maelstrom of debris and uncertainty
Grabbing, clinging, frantic, furious and desperate as reality’s elusiveness slips through even the surest of grips
Somewhere between suspended animation and terminal velocity we are resurrected
Reawakened through violent gestation we are ready for the slings and arrows
Through trial and tribulation we are reborn
Descending into the murky depths of the covetous fissure then becomes a pseudo-birth
As we are savagely spat into an upside-down world from our festering womb
Unfettered, wayward, no tether of security
No rock or solid earth
No signs or trail markers guides or Sherpas
Just a back to the familiar and a face to the cascading winds of the unknown
It’s here that I think, what a peculiar place to have a party

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