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Diamond Dust

As I slip my kicks on one foot at a time
Then I throw these denim on that I just put to the side
Shades and shirt match now, feel good cause I'm fly
Stand up, approach the mirror then look in my eyes
The clothes ain't making me a better man
I woke up today praying for a better plan
Even though I'm fly, I'm trying to make it out of Neverland
Cause if I never grow up then who gon' lend a hand?
Just a hook, I call it piracy
I'm losing privacy, but here's the irony
I want to be alone when I step inside my home
But then I'm looking at my phone, hoping that a girl's dialing me
But it never rings, no text either
I'm staring at my BlackBerry's BBM feature
And I know she read it, I see the "R"
If you ain't gonna respond, then why you read it for?
Art galleries and rap battles
Super Street Fighter IV, bad damsels
$300 kicks, plaid flannels
This is my life, welcome to my Black Apple
I seen competition pass me
But ask me if I think any will outlast me
And lastly, I reply gladly
The flyest Benz couldn't outclass me; diamond dust
Diamond dust
Diamond dust
Diamond dust
Diamond dust
Abandoned, but never stranded
I'll see you when I get here, I just landed
Lost my laptop and can't figure how that happened
I hope my carelessness made somebody else happy
My brother Dutch told me since day 1
Him and I would be like Jay-Z and Dame, son
At the Grammy podium, water in my eyes, I'm trying to hold it in
I can't wait until that day comes
I thought about where I came from
I ain't have an opportunity until I made one
So when I say "I'm Better Than You"
I only say it to the person I literally changed from
Anyway, I got to say it everyday
Soundtrack to my life, got to play it everyday
Why rap about money, spending paper everyday
When there's people that's poor out in Haiti everyday?
It's crazy in a way, but that don't stop me
From shopping and copping things that I do not need
Damn, I make it up to my fans
Who really don't think I say as much as I can
Well, I'm not laying up in the sand
I spread diamonds to the people, break them up in my hands
Dust, diamond dust
Diamond dust
Diamond dust
Diamond dust
Diamond dust
Diamond dust
Diamond dust
Diamond dust

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