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The Sermon (Remix)

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]

[Hook: Mickey Factz]

[Verse 2: Royce da 5'9'']
Right now I’m highly respected
Until the day where I’m finally neglected
And I’m falling and causing all kinds of pyrotechnical fires in the sky over heaven
During my final eclectic spiral to die right on the steps as if I don’t accept it
If it ain’t green I don’t see it, I’m color blind
With an eye on the exit with my other eye on the double line on the S’s
And any other kind of successes of the grind
Domino’s with destiny I’ll forever be fucking fly
I’ll teach you guys what forever mean now I got everything up and high
Now my pedigree stuck in time with my wedding ring
You ain’t ready king, I’m fire with flows, top 5 and you know
I’m happier platinum but I was happier back when five hundred thousand was sold
My proudest accomplishment now is when I got quite to get sober and silence is gold
I let my whole story fly at no cost to the people
While I’m talking to Joe, no Budden
I’m talking Joe Walsh from the Eagles, no stuntin', we just wrote something
My demise was supposed to be weeks ago, keep your quotes comin'
I’m over here with 500 styles like a savant
You rather see me wash 500 pounds like I’m a vaunt
Hair dyed, all fried up like Yung Joc or Jaheim
Only way I’m going out is gunshots and sirens
Success is not a one stop, I’m learning while I’m celebratin'
I’m running out of desperation, Journey not a destination
I ain’t got no explanation, I just know that I ain’t got no expiration
They don’t mock goals, they do not know
I ain’t come all this way to not play the slot though
It is not Vegas I’m sure that I can trade in my soul
So the devil can disorganize me a more polarizing elevation
Who am I to tell you how to delegate your dedication toward the lies
Heavens waiting bout order my reservation
While the lord and eyes immortalize

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