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Mickey James

Yo, check the flow just to know
That I love this hip-hop shit, X and O's
This is the only way I express it so
I got a lot of respect to show, catch me bro?

You see, life is fast and death is slow
I feel like Brandon Lee with wretched crow
On the shoulder, Im turning to a rebel with the eyes of a cobra
Molded from a pebble to a boulder, hold up
I can't stop til I get closure in the grave and I still hear my name so much

Other day I was chillin thinkin of Rosa
If she didn't sit, we'd still get pushed over
Not me, I woulda got with Huey and Bobby
Shotgun protecting my posse
Can't let my eyes sleep
'til I ask if I'm in your top 3
And your hand go up like a Nazi, you got me?

This is not a game, please put away Yahtzee
Before I have to Kamikaze your area, watch me
No punchlines I just throw hay-makers
Raps you can cherish a day later, hey haters
Gotta show love to all my naysayers
Hope they can feel it in their hearts like pacemakers

Used to be boxed in til I got out
Now I think outside the box when I rock out
Had a couple fights, but I never was knocked out
Always got a punch in, never was clocked out
Yall spit, I hawk out [hawks] watch out
Ain't follow rules when I went the hip hop route
Honor role kid but I made my mom doubt
How she gon put me in college to dropout?
Rather eat whole rap crews when I rhyme out
Kinda like Jenga how I'm takin your block out

Truthfully, yall need to get used to me
Take the time out right now, google me
Type the name Mickey Factz and get 2 to 3 pages on how I get down musically

Regular job, I work late
Shouldn't be there in the first place
But thats the way that I earn cake
My wordplay is better than half of the bird brains
That yall making rich, yall make me sick mayne

Ya should record during an earthquake
Still can't drop ground breaking shit so quit
Straight horrible
It sounds like everybody needs tutorials on how to be audible
I had a vision I was talkin to the oracle and she told me one day i'll have a memorial

If I stay on the right path like that
Write raps that people can feel and recite back

Im good with it
Nice on the track and Ima keep doin it as long as the hood with it
Rappers nowadays, sidekick 3
Same as the last one, only thing they look different
I look at the game and all I put in it

Success and the fame, hell yeah I should get it
Only question is, if I would get it
Im praying that I dont get misunderstood with it

I know I got a talent
And as long as kids are around it I really can't get too violent
So I let the melodies of Thelonious Monk
Echo through the music wow, hows that soundin

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