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Dipset Pt.2

Dipset Pt. 2Kush, good kushWeezy, dip dipWayne, set setAnd I grip techs, leave em waterbed wetAnd I know just where to put these hollowtipsHis chest, his chest, his chestAiyo I take on a gang a gangs, anythangAnimals oragitangsGorillas turn to Bathing Apes when I make it rainI got a whole collectionI got a dope connectionI got a coke connectionI got a dope infectionNo homo, my flow is hard as an erectionSo that's why its f**k the world wit protectionPay attention to the lectureMy words carry life like a stretcherYeah, you know young wayne in hereSmellin team spirit, like kurt cobain was hereYeah, yeah we got them thangs in hereAnd we will bang in hereYeah, yeah, yeah, yeahAnd the bank is hereLincoln's here, Grants is hereJackson's here, Franklin's hereThem dead muf**kasAnd the drank is here, dank is hereStank in here, gangstas hereWankstas feel, that red muf**kaAnd my city hot, ride wit the itchy cockCoupe wit the titties poppedWhere the f**kin city copAnd I got the haters like, "When will he stop?"[Dipset Pt.2 lyrics on]Maybe a minute after never, set ya clocksI'm a nutcase, uptown's my birthplaceThey feel me comin like the weekend on thursdayWe got Vegas chips, nigga bet betI hope you boys ready, because I'm jet setAnd when I come up in the building you already knowBitch wet, bitch wet, bitch wet, f**k nowYes, um, gloves, drawls, socks, teesAll made by Ralph LaureenNo shades just, my eyeballs watchin emTattoos on top of them, igloos for watchesAnd champagne for breakfast, andSports cars for lunch, and pussy for dinnerI eat rappers and call it pussy for dinnerAsk the paparazzi, I'm in the mazerattiRidin shotti, bad bitch, clyde and bonnieI call her Kammie, that's short for kamikazeShe called me daddy and never short wit daddy moneyIts Weezy Baby, shine like a brass monkeyI'm never broke, never have a cast on meAlways paid, always got cash on meI gotta feed, the pockets in my pants hungryI'm a phantom hauler, a shooter not a brawlerAnd ya girlfriends a determined Carter callerControl a bitch, and let a nigga hold a bitchPut her on the corner shit, and let her make a porno flickShe would play the roll againWhenever she roll again, pop a pill and roll againNow we on the roll againI work her, work herTell her be my slave, bitch I'm paidOut my cage, I just can't feel my faceWith Santana, we wild riders like Al QuedaSupreme dada, young mula, Bird Junior, yeah

Date Added: 2007-06-22
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