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Don't Stop Believing

[Verse 1]
Society is one of the biggest influential seducers
Its evil like how doing drugs is viewing Medusa
Cuz it will get you stoned
But I’m Perseus to drugs, so I reach and torn it’s head
Life is drawing a picture, better complete it ‘fore your death
It’s a beautiful day, As I’m releasing out a breath
But yet I felt a breeze upon my neck
Allergies make me sneeze a little bit

[Bridge 1]
My heart stops beating for a sec
And during that second my mind had flashed
I rewind through my whole life, I gasp
I’m back in my senses. Here to spit a nice verse bruh

[Chorus 1]
They say the world isn’t safe for humans Well it’s vice versa

[Verse 2]
My real name’s Jaffer Jafri
My first day in Karachi, The day was gay like Versace
My stomach was stodgy
I was shocked even though the electricity wasn’t present

[Bridge 2]
My presence in this peasant country is a present from Satan
A gift from hell
I’ll give these haters the gift of karma
I’m incomprehensible like hieroglyphics on a
Egyptian wall, Have you killed and squall like the kid J Trauma
My wordplay is off the hook, but its on the verses
Stop nitpicking my lines, go to a doc or surgeon
And request a lobotomy, cuz Honestly
You’re a retarded geek
You bitches all just keep tryna speak like you’re Martha

[Chorus 2]
Thinking I’m here for promotion, you want my departure
I’m entering like a splinter in yo skin, I’m only here to torture you

[Bridge 3]
You think I’m whack, I put a lit torch on you
I’m spitting fire, I’m a dragon from hell, you best believe
I ate you up, you’re in the belly of a restless beast
Leave you decapitated, That’s why I always get ahead in beef

[Chorus 3]
For success, you faggots hating are just a piece of the recipe
I’ll make you Rest in peace. I’m the best, and you best agree
I’m a rose that rose from cement concrete
Pakyed out, This is my destiny

Don't stop believing
Hold on to the feeling
Streetlights people
Don't stop believing
Hold on
Streetlight people
Don't stop believing
Hold on to the feeling
Streetlights people

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