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Don't Touch Me Remix

Jump on this track like Michael Jeffrey
Even the referee say I need an espy.
Award just applaud, im a boy wit a broad.
I go hard and my leather so soft and I cough
And the board of health say the boy need help
I am so hot, the a-m just melt.
All aboard all aboard, black card no fraud
Im an extension cord, ima lightning rod.
Ima lion roar, ima dinosaur
Ima sinus minus the nose, ima cold
Im froze, then the temperature rose to 5 and
2 o's, that's 500 degrees for those who know
My fire's higher than a liars.
We don't burn rubber, we burn tires.
We riders, residers, we live in the carter
Wayne is flame that can live in the water
Okay now let's get it straight
Either your bait or the mate
Either way your on my plate getting ate after grace
If you taste like bass, snares and teners be my dinner
I'm hotter in the winter.
Burn like sinners, turn like spinners
I swear I'll put you in an erm by your picture
Boy we aint playing weezy baby he the man
Hotter than a peter pan tongue wet bare hands

Date Added: 2008-06-23
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