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Down Here

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I'm from New Orleans where a nigga is a target
Land is expensive and the murder is a bargain
You ain't from the city nigga, stay within the margin
Right now I'm in the Royce, got the quad at home chargin'
Large and in charge, yeah, I be that B
And yeah, Bush still wrong like three left feet
And yeah, the kush still strong, and the hoes still work
The toilet stopped up, but the stove still work
Dirty dirty, lookin' like a pole on my shirt
You fuckin' with my cake and I'mma turn you to dessert
You give that boy a shovel when you burn him to the dirt
Now you were just a baby in the sternum of the Earth
I told B it's nothin', send a track
Heard it one time, killed, and sent it back
Wake up and smell the crack
Been through New Orleans, then you done been thru hell and back, boy

[Hook: Petey Pablo] (x2)
Down here, we got a different kind of hustle
Grind like a motherfucker, get it from the muscle
Rain, sleet, and snow, ain't but two things can touch us
Penitentiary and bein' dead as a motherfucker

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Started at the corner store, then I wanted more
I went and bought a .44, lookin' ready to roll
I ain't with the nonsense, ridin' with the convicts
I'm trynna get my mom rich cause Daddy never done shit
Down here, we eat steaks on the first of the month
We flip work, convertibles, and the Purp and some blunts
Deep in the kitchen, call it the hell-hole
We on the cell phone, look another whole twelve gone
Pushin' a Mercedes Benz, it's a necessity
Invest with me, I know the secrets to the recipe
I feed the boss, satisfy the taste buds
Champagne by the case, all your niggas taste us
Down here, we got a different kind of hustle
Yeah we grind like a motherfucker, slip it I'mma touch it
I'mma tell you once, bitch, yeah you fuckin' with the boss
Show love to my nigga, Petey P and Ricky Ross

[Hook: Petey Pablo]

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