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Down wit em

[Hook: Young Buck]
I know somebody went to jail
Hope y'all niggas covered up the trail
Telling this feds I got dope for sale
And I'm thinking why in the hell this niggas trying to take me
(down wit em!)
Trying to take me
(down wit em!)
Trying to take me
(down wit em!)
Wanna take me
(down wit em!)

They trying to kill me banana peel me
Zip-lock seal and send me off
Niggas trying to save their own life
So they put my name up in the cross
Cuzz we did no transaction
U don't know me and I don't you
So what's this shit about feds asking like!
Who I am and what I do!

???Smoke, grey paint???, and the rims all set
Certified D-boy and ain't been called yet
I'm glad they hate it that I graduated
Got em aggravated, never let em see me sweat

Fuck your investigation, your interrogation
All detectives all the gadgets
All the people that you contacted
Tell em is fuck em

Tell em that y'all fuckd up
And y'all just mad at buck
Because y'all can't handcuff him

He suppose to be bankrupt
But he is running around here like
Money ain't nothing
(it ain't)
Playboy u a day late boy
???Onrad??? nigga I already ate boy
Think about that when you saying my name
Won't say yours I ain't playing no game

[Hook 2x]

Since they watching, watch me ball
Ain't talking about shit so I dropped ya call
Bitch I never went pick em up
Never gave you nothing or drop em off
And I been knowing y'all niggas soft
So we don't discus what chickens cost
And I don't trust no bitches boss
So let em witness me ???whip and coff???

I've been there, done that
Feds waiting on my comeback
Yeah I know how I make em comeback
Ca$hvile I run that

See, push back, still will push dope
Double blunt gut on the Styrofoam cup
Whit the thump thump thump
On the back of the truck
No twelve inch woofers
Some twelve Gage pumps

Case open now face open
Case closed and the casket too
Won't take tent, so you tell all your friends
Answering every thing that they asking you
But I'm a little too fast for you
What we do is throw gas on you
And let that just ass burn
Doing what we have to do

[Hook 2x]

You don't know me
I don't know you
You don't know me
I don't know you
Why this niggas wanna take me now

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