Lord Philo - Dreams II Lyrics

Dreams II

Dream.dream.dream.dream.dream.dream. (INTRO)

Verse 1

It was all a Dream
At least so it seems
Now i'm a fiend to the things that i've seen

In my sleep

I saw you...

And these words...
Were so true

Relationship sailing away
Hey it's hard to maintain
When it's thangs on your brain
Shaking up your mainframe

Uh, the rain came
Uh, thangs changed
Washed away all the pain
But memories still remain

Uh, im not the same
Uh, changed my name
To shed light on the fact
Im ready to change the game

It's not a game
Trying to find yourself
In a world where the money's
More important than your health

In a world where they teach you
Not to love yourself...
There's no Hope
Without Love Himself

Hook (Don't Worry) (It was All a Dream)

Verse 2

Alright alright...

Final verse it feel like the final fight
With every word you get a piece of my life
Piece of the sight
God shares it every night
I just wonder if i want this as my life
Is it the door on the left or to the right
Is every dream in my mind worth the fight
Martin dying in vain see that ain't right
That's why every single night my hand's glued to the mic
Rap in my veins i see the light
Y'all hear the pain?
Y'all feel the might?
Leave it all on a record i just might
Legendary in time i just might
Classic records and all that's on sight
Got you screaming my lines now that's tight
And in the back of my mind im just like
Never stop im only here for the night

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