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(uh um) Mr. D Carter, from out the deep water, thank the lord for my voice, the beat and the re-carter, now pick an alphabet, and You're Z'en While im up trying to be the best MC'en. Now let me in.. I got my Key in.. And with them alphabets I never use p-e-n
But I got a lot of paper, but a lot ain't enough so I got an occupation, gotta bring the evil straight to the kitchen table, homey if you're girl pregnant you should kiss her navel, cause you prolly won't live to see the mother fucking cradle, you're past left a scar and the futures looking fatal. You can't be sorry, you gotta be a savior, gotta be the bread winner so go rob the break maker. When they put you're homey to sleep, it gotta be a wake up, you move in the hood then you gotta meet the neighbors (thank you)

I holla bitch get off me, bitch get off me.. I'm the little ass nigga known as big homey, the killers is ballin, the niggas is targets, the snitches is talking, but this is New Orleans. I love what I got I'm just living the moment, I ain't dying just yet, I take a shit in the coffin. I Already know how to piss in the toilet, im trying to get the pot to piss in the morning. I never fall back I'd rather go forward, and when I come through you better duck like Howard. Because I got power, just like a forward, I come through the lane and straight dunk like stottle..myre.. M-I-re reminds me of I'uh, hes a Phoenix sun and I am fire, Disrespect me and I spit fire to neck and back like you are Kaya

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