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Eviction Notice

[Intro: Young Buck]
We gon judge shit
Ya naw mean?
Its my motherfucker
Its my motherfucker shit this
This is what the fuck the worlds been waitin on
Ya think I ain't finna get out here
Look at all these motherfuckin people out there man
Straight up and down
They got they hands up in the air baby
And they love me, Young Buck
Oh I'm on my grind now, yea!
I'm feelin myself with this shit, woohh!
Hey! (hey, hey)
Put your motherfuckin hands up
Aye! Put your motherfuckin hands up, yea!
Aye, look at them people out there man!
All them people up top!
All my people in the back!
Stand up, let's go!

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
Dedicated street nigga, you can hear my voice echo
From the penitentiary walls to the ghetto, rider!
Man of the house I'm the provider, I'm Yayo
Only Banks I need is Tyra, (only Banks I need is Tyra)
Hood nigga fresh in this butterfly collar
Its why your baby mama wanna holla
0-60, 72 Chevelle now fuck with me
They miss me
If I die tonight, I made history
I quickly, pack my bags
Made my flight, went n got my cash
Came out right, like I just popped tags
So that’s the reason, why I'm not mad
Bottles in the air, I just dropped my glass
The fake gon' hate, but the real gon' last
(Its gonna take a while)

It ain't me home boy, it’s the South that wrote this
They found out about my eviction notice
My eviction notice, (what happened Buck?)
(ha, ha) They found out about my eviction notice

I'm gon' party till they put my ass out
Get in my Ferrari, and I'mma mash out
Ask anybody, you know what I'm about
This what I do! (This is what I do!)
This is what I do! (This is what I do!)

[Verse 2: Young Buck]
From the big excitement
Servin y'all like a federal inditement
I'm seein how I feel on top, and I like it
Let em hate on, I get my Kanye on
I'm a big boy, listen to my Andre song
Never have tried get back I spent
Or have to borrow every cent try to pay my rent
My boo, tell em bitch what I do
Even you can't count what Ive been through
And I never will talk about what I knew
Or no, its just some shit you don’t do
Lets roll, I __?__ where the rappers don’t show
The heart of a humble hero, getting doe
Too slow! I already got em on the floor
With they __?__ in the air, and we blowin on the dro
Yeaa we blowin on the dro

(Hey take the choir) It ain't me, the West Coast wrote this
They found out about my eviction notice, (aye you hear that?)
My eviction notice, (damn they kicked you out Buck?)
(Yea, fucked up) They found out about my eviction notice

I'm gon' smoke my weed till they put my ass out
I got cheese, it’s why I'm pullin cash out
Its ten a key, you know what we about
Its what I do (This is what I do)
This what I do! (This is what I do!)

[Verse 3: Young Buck]
The coupe devilish red, I'm getting my bread
Takin flicks, with no signs I'm sending to the feds
I ain't shy about the money
Didn’t lie about the money
Cause I am the money
I die for my money
Real niggas ride for me like I gassed em up
Right out the hoe, when my ass is stuck
It's all over now nigga, I ain't stoppin, for what?
Or who? Don’t talk too much I'm not you
Fuck these haters, I'm tryin to out live my paper
Big block my Chevy with the inside gator
The state seemed bigger, I was just one nigga
Let's ball I'mma get at them later
Pay attention to the city, I'm the motherfuckin Mayor!
Shawty fuck with me I'm a motherfuckin player!
Hey! I'm a motherfuckin player!

Naw, It ain't me, the East Coast wrote this
They found out about my eviction notice, (ayee, damn)
My eviction notice, (aye you heard about that?)
(fucked up) They found out about my eviction notice

Let's pop these bottles till they put our ass out
Throw these dollars, when we pullin' cash out
You don’t want no problems, you know what we about
This what we do (This is what we do)
This what we do! (This is what we do!)

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