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F**k the World

Yeah, oh
(It`s Malik on the track)
(Fuck the world, on the same thing)(We still ride, we catch `em like ain`t a damn thing changed)

Last night I had a dream that I woke up in another world
This morning I woke up feeling like fuck the world
Said you wouldn`t leave, but you left like I expected
I opened up `bout my pain, now I regret it
Why you leave me like that? Why you treat me like that?
Said you for me, it don`t be seeming like that
Had gang on his brain, they went and seen him `bout that
Pull up, drop the window, put holes in his Bim` about that
I think they mad that they can`t stop me, yeah, oh
You said you hate me, but you love to watch me
I told `em take me to the moon, bitch, I`ll get dropped off
Seen us coming, went to running when it popped off
Pull up swerving in that `Burban, get `em knocked off
Use his bitch to use her lips to get my rocks off, yeah
Ain`t go no tattoos on my face, but we done caught a body
This ain`t the time or the place to try and talk about it
Told Lil Chrissy lose his lips, he get knocked off about it
Get white chalked about it, get white chalked about it
Okay, tell me what you want from me, you see I`ve been abused
Okay, tell me what you need from me, I`ll see what I can do
But I need space, time away to fly away from you
Hear my G4 engine vroom, yeah
Told `em take me to the moon and drop me off
Yeah (Nah, for real, bitch, I`m tellin` you)
You can take me to the moon and drop me off

(That`s why I say fuck the world)
(Drop me off at the moon, nigga, I don`t give a fuck what happens)
(You know what I`m sayin`? Drop me off)
(What`s up?)

Date Added: 2020-05-03
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