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Feeling To Myself

{Verse 1}
Chea, D-Boy in the b-u-i-l-ding
he who buy and sell things/ feds hear my cell ring
Phone we say ice cream/ home we say white
In jail we don't say too much/ the codes ain't safe enough
So I be on the street and on the road gettin' my paper up
Full but I ain't ate enough/ I'm good but I ain't great enough {uh-uh}
Aye, Drew, turn the faders up/ I'm wakin' up
I'm takin' up the industry's space and I'm wastin' 'em
They can't look me in my face cuz I'm grillin' 'em {bling}
How my smile worth a mill-i-on? {Ha}
Because/ diamonds are forever
Pluck a diamond from the bezzle/ feel the clarity that twinkle on the Lil One/ now get 'em

I'm feelin' myself/ I'm feelin' myself/ I'm feelin' it/ I'm feelin' myself/ aye what is this, feelin'?/ I'm feelin' myself/ I'm feelin' myself/ I'm feelin' like... you gotta feel me!

{Verse 2}
I spit/ switchblades for the bitch made
I spit sweet lemonade for the pretty babes {haha}
I spit bullets at hood niggas
Don't get shot/ get low boy! {Boy!}
I spit numbers for the dough boys/ and for the dope boys
I tell 'em to meet coke boys/ it's more money involved
Sheea/ more money/ more problems/ more problems to solve/ Big Gleezy got 'em {Gleezy}!
Ask a nigga have I ever been in the back of a car lookin' for other niggas after dark {real to 'em}
They'll tell you wassup/ I ain't bad as fuck, but I'm tough enough/ that's why...


{Verse 3}
Peole try to tell me shit/ but I don't wanna hear 'em
Cuz if I tell 'em shit back/ then I'd prob'ly scare 'em
Truth be told I'm the hottest of my era
There will never be a soul that can compare to every level ever pedaled by the devil/ me being the devil
Yup/ Hot Boy to the grizzle/ gone til they miss me
And that's until the blunts burn out/ and the liquor is empty
I ain't trippin' cuz I did me/ wait I'm trippin' cuz I'm still me
Still the little nigga goin' out to get me
If the/ public got somethin' to say
Well tell them I got somethin' to say/ and that is...

{Hook x2}

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