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The secret torn from a temple of stone
Still living in memory grey and so cold
Beneath the veil of the mystery lies
Dark promises telling all none can withhold
Though she carries a thousand scars
On her journey between the stars

Too late I fear is to understand now
We must have been here before, long ago
The faces change but the image remains
All present and powerful, oh this does show
And they can't see before their eyes
How the thunder will split the skies

Firebird, oh firebird
Firebird, oh firebird

And when the changes come
See the eagle on my horizon
Well, they're coming for everyone
But it seems to be long arriving

A mother scorned and a widow she stays
And when you return again you will see
The craven house of the greedy does rule
Queen vanity everywhere bleeds treachery
For the heroes of luck will decide
On the chosen one who will survive

Firebird, oh firebird
Firebird, oh firebird

Firebird, oh firebird
Firebird, oh firebird

Firebird, firebird
Firebird, firebird

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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