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Fly Like A Seagull

Starring to the sea that′s all I ever wanted
So much pain inside now I can leave it all behind
I′ve never seen such a sight before

Raging waters and the green grass
Changing colors of the leafy trees I′m like drawn
Drawn into a fascinating world

Fly like a seagull to my island to my home
And once in my life time I feel freedom in my soul

I can see me sinking into a sea of secrets
Am I dreaming or is it real to feel so free
It′s like a step into a foreign land

I walk on water under the deep blue sky
Back to the old town cause that′s the place where I belong
Lost and forgotten you will never die

Running to the darkness
Can′t see the lightning of the stars above
Here′s the place where no one else could come
You′re my home


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