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For The Streets

Shout out to Bobi, my grandmother was gangsta, rest in peace
Holocaust survivor, her brother got killed by the nazis
Grew up with convicts, chicken noodle soup in the projects
Uncle Howie caught up with crack bundles and sharp objects
Eating potato latkes and chocolate matzo
Shtupping khazas on weekends cause it’s a mitzvah to fuck on shabbes
My pops was in The Six-Day War
He came to New York with a military mentality, very hardcore
Bumpin Haim Moshe ballads, but quick to flip out like he’ll chop you into pieces like Israeli salad
Necro Rashi, dropping Gemorra kosher acid
The shit I compose is holy like baby Moses in the basket
A döner kebab’s like manna, militant like Kahane
L'chaim, but death before dishonor
Break away challah, the rebbetzin rep shit like Manischewitz and kabbalah
You little fuckin' nebbish

[Hook - Yoni Jacobs]
[Sings in Yiddish]
B'shvil haschunot — Hakol sababa
B'shvil haschunot — Anachno makhzikim rovim g'dolim
B'shvil haschunot — Anachno nigrom lakhem lamut
B'shvil haschunot — Al titasku itanu

I got chutzpah, from schmates to gelt
From Jews to goyim, my shit is felt like gefilte fish that smells
Vos machst du? Fuck with me and I chop you
Cause I’m a mensch with strength, my shit’s hot like shawarma and falafel
You fucking feygele, I stick a knife deep in your neck
Why don’t you go suck a schmeckel and eat dreck
Jiddisch ain’t the only language I know to abuse ya
I know others, you puta, suka, shemuta
Shpritz with biscuits, mushing ya
Stabbing you in your kishkes till you’re pieces of fleishig, cause we’re meshuggener
Bubala, fucking with me is unsafe, cause I’m trife like a meal that’s traif
Holding a knife to a schlemiel’s face
I stay dipped like sabra hummus, you alter kocker kiss my tokhes
Chaim Yankel studied my brukhes
We’re famous bohemias, we say shalom aleichum
Then leave you bleeding blood the same color that khreyn is

[Hook - Yoni Jacobs]

P.S. MAD props 2 Andreas HD for adding & explaining the full lyrics

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