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Free All The People

You got to free all the people in south africa...You got to make life worth living in sowetoYou got to free all the people in south africaYou got to make life worthwhileGive reason to smileFreedom is a birthrightGiven by jah to manYou can not claim it...this you must understandWho are you to decide...who has to give it upKnow it in your heart...that it's wrongThey've had enoughChorus:Slavery is steals your identity[Free All The People lyrics on]Wherever it's living...suffer humanityWhat leads you to can treat people soYou know it isn't right...give up the fightLet them go!ChorusIt's not right...this hate for life you're teachingNo more fight...we're all in this togetherYou've lost'll never find what yourSoul is abolish...apartheidChorus

Date Added: 2007-08-16
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