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Hello, I'm DBangz
I'll be your proctor for this evening
Now this record right here, is about having fun, in the sun, while you're young, with your friends
You just want summer to never end

I got Ethan, Jacob, Kelen, Karma, Megan and Abbey
I got Tyler, Snot, Isaiah, Josh, Sheldon and Danny
I got Adrian, Joseph, a thot who's callin' me daddy
Kelen to party everyday, so send 'em the addy'
Snot is hella close to me even consider him family
We got Karma on the edits, Abbey looking hella thick though
Josh got the rhymes that will leave your mind rick rolled
Punch it back to snot cause he got a deadly kick though
Tyler pull hoes so you better keep yo' bitch close
And I'm DBangz fuck around and suck yo' bitch toes
Jacob out here with the hard earned slave owners
All my niggas ballin' so you can't even hate on em'
Not to be negative, i'll fight for these guys
I pull up to a punching with a dyke in my ride
We in AZ but I consider them my beach bros
One sec, peeping Abbey in her beach clothes
Shorty ass fat as hell hit it from the free throw
Shorty ass fat as hell and needs to just be thrown
Even though she hella thick she don't fuck with negroes

Sorry papi I just don't like you chico

But i'm not even Mexican

What the fuck ever I don't care, even though i'm hella thick you can't have this ass

Sorry goddamn

But I wanna suck her toes at Home depot
Native chick Karma dad owns a casino, wait I think she's mexican or Filipino?
She seems hella thick but I think its a placebo
I'm kinda talking shit so let me cut the ego
But i'm just sayin', her hair makes her look emo
She ought to go bald, and blame it on the chemo
Don't make me bad because I can
(Yeah nigga we know)

[Dbangz to himself:]
Goddamn you always tryna back on somebody but you look like a low-budget mother fucking Ice Cube
99 cents store shopping ass nigga, ripped up shoes blame it on Skating bruh all I do is these ass niggas
I can fake a kick-flip ass nigga
"oh-yeah I skate" ass nigga neck ass nigaa with your little ugly ass, Uncuff them mother fucking pants before I get on yo' head

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