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Fuck Wit U No More

We probably coulda made it work in a past life
Said vows
Ill make u my 1st and last wife
A rich nigga thats certain to hit the ass right
Make a broke ***** smile like a low gas price
Truthfully i was diggin yo lil style
Kept yo heels on
im hittin u all wild
Poker chips in Vegas
Then its ???? at the ????
We tryna menage later
So u pick a girl out
I look at u and see a different girl now
Gettin Whitley wit me
A different world now
A good girl then i turned u into a bad bitch
Constipated ass u aint never had shit
Im so over yo head
U shoulda caught that
Fuckin wit my phones when im gone
Like u bought that
I was fuckin wit u heavy but im bachelor
Money is my only girl
No lie

Chorus- (Keri and Trey)
Cant fuck wit u no more
I just cant fuck
Just cant
Fuck wit u no more
Fuckin wit u is bad for my health
Fuckin wit u is bad for my health (x2)

Verse 2 (Trey)
Crazy wit the head
But she crazy in the head
Attract alota birds cuz i make alota bread
Searchin for my dove
Hopin love is forgiven
Then i find out a dove aint nothin but a pigeon
Yall know i aint nothin but a playa
Guess its value that make em wanna foul u
Cant blame u for wantin somethin major
Shout out to the broads
Like can i get a Laker
Real women dont u be embarrassed by the fakers
East St. Lorenz probably flattered by the bakers
Moments couldnt fathom bein madder at the haters
How dare u dislike me
When i know im the greatest
But now i see the beauty when they try to subdue me
All on my balls see the blogs is the groupies
But thats a part of my movie
Deep down i know ur happy u ever knew me


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