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Gangsta Strut (When I Come Through)

Tell em again one more motherfuckin time ya dig
Gangsta Strut you dig know what im talkin bout?

[Verse 1: Z-Ro]
On the Screw when i come through
Breakin' Boys off it's you know who
Mister Mister Ro not no ho
Me and my nigga chuck 5 double O
Back in the game riding mustang
Causin' much havoc causin' much pain
Leave a bloodstain on the motherfucking road
Hoppin' up and down like a motherfucking toad
Talkin' bout a frog heavy like a log
And I got a bunch of dope so I Uhaul
Put it in the back ridin' in the Lac
It's straight like this and straight like that
No it don't matter(hold up) and my pockets is fatter(they swoler)
Man fuck the chatter you can bump your gums
I'll turn your neighborhood into Vietnam
With the calico its the street sweeper
I'll come through your hood and believe a
Nigga like me will shut it all down
And I'm a do this shit for this H Town
When I'm runnin' my mouth standing on toes
Crucifying shows autographs to my hoes
Like my patna marcus talkin bout the kicker[?]
I'm a come down still got a beeper
Yeah I'm old school workin' off the pay phone
I ain't even tripping I'm stacking like legos
Anywhere that Joseph Wayne McVey goes
The camera gone flash pocket full of cash
You ain't gotta wonder and you ain't gotta ask
If that boy real he gone keep it raw
Bitch if you scared go to church and call the law
Get on your cell phone I got a yellow bone
On the 300 candy blue hella chrome
Watch me bring it on like the damn movie
Niggas wanna do me I'm in a jacuzzi
Fuckin with suzie maybe with jackie
I don't give a fuck man used to call me blackie
But i ain't black nigga rather brown
I'm a shoot shit up shut it down for my town
Mo City Texas that's where I was raised
Did my nights and did my days
Through the Willowridge sleeping in the bathroom
I don't give a fuck I got the gun and I will blast you
Nigga T lee on the motherfuckin' dice
Patner named debo but his name Bryce
Patner named Fo' but his real name George
I'mma come down I don't know what all
This fuckin' shit is about in the streets
I ain't gone blame you though these niggas gotta eat
Tryna get paid tryna get full
Like they on a 40oz full of that bull
We sippin' on drank sippin' on codeine
When it's a shortage on the drank it ain't no lean
Lookin for the purple come up with the red
Come up with the cotton candy good in my head
Good in my cup I took a gulp
Man hold up I'm bout to roll up
Droppin' in the biggie hoes gettin' with me
But I'm from the southside so I dont get jiggy
I'm a stand still with the man cannon
Its the nigga Ro and the south is where I'm standing
Man I'm just holdin' and representing blocks
Straight like that i keep my hand on my Glock

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