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Get 'Em

(You are watching a master at work)
Yeah, haha
Drama, I'm back
Dedication 2, bi
I ain't gonna even wait on 'em
I'mma get 'em now
Get 'em!
My block pumping
And I'm trying to keep that ho pumping
If niggas snitching
Then I let them niggas hold something
If nigga owe something
Need a doctors note from him
Or his throat from him

[Verse 1]
These lil niggas
Thinking they fresh
Get whipped out ya clothes young'n
I got it all
But I'll beat you like you stole somethin'
My bitch trippin'
Say I treat her like my old woman
I tell the bitch
I'm probably better off with no woman
I get that brand new money
I'm the boss, bitch
I'm touching every dollar that's coming
Stop playing
I know what I'm doing
Let me get 'em
I hope his kids not with him
Y'all motherfuckers know me
I'm a rider in the side of the south
Got the money in the mattress
And the guns in the couch
What up?
Putting out cockroaches in the ashtray
It's payday 'til my last day
Walking that line
With a lot on my mind
I get that money
Never dropping a dime
I don't hate, never, not on my time
I'll put that little red dot on ya mind
Talking that crime
But a lot of 'em lying
Caught on the grind
Never get off my grind
I'm a
Pimp to these hoes
Not a pimp in my mind
And everybody know I'm sharp when I ride
Hop out that new Ferrari
With that little horse on the side
Zoom-zoom, bitch
Ride a nigga broom, witch
Half a ki wet
Stinking up your whole room, bitch
Now break out the perfume, bitch
And niggas come from off that beach
I'm in that water like a cruise ship
Straight up
Tell ‘em I do’s this
One pistol
Two clips
I aim at lips
Wayne that shit
Shit on y'all
Given to you from the God
I am the God

[Bridge: Curtis Mayfield Sample]
Yeah, Weezy Baby
The God, that's right, heh
Fee, I had to

[Verse 2]
Money on my mind
Money-money on my mental
Super-super soaker
Wet a nigga like a swim suit
I think they sipping on that
'I Can Fuck With Him' juice
Test me if ya wanna bet
Man, I'll knock a limb loose
I ain't never scared
I'm protected everywhere
And if a nigga disrespect me
Then he shall be buried there
That's my word
Got a urge
To hit a nigga and swerve
And them birds in the tree
Get shot down to my feet
It's me, motherfucker
What's better to see
And when ya greedy like me
Ain't nothing better than beef
See I would meet
Each one of you niggas in the street
Then eat
And pick you little bitches out my teeth
Shout out to the green and red stitches
In my tee, nigga
With no Gucci
I'm a double-G, nigga
My brothers, you have sinned
And the God I am

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