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Get to Poppin (Remix)

When the boys get to poppin
This is the remix (3X)

When the boys get to poppin
Get get down
Get get get get get down
Get get get get get down

Get, get get get get get down
For these choppas spit spit spit spit spit spit rounds
Uptown outa state sha shake sha shake it down
Them boys get them thangs
Bra brake bra brakem down
From the bottom of the pane handle
Where birds get man handle
From a pot to the block with a hand to hand you
Cook that white with Sprite that's if you wanna scandle
Pitbull Rich boy we got clients too
Don't pull out unless of course you spit boy
Squeeze out to the bottom of that click boy
Just to reashore yo ass got hit boy
Make 36 O's do a 360 that's a flip boy
It's a bird it's a plane no that's a brick boy
I got a lick grab them thangs lets get rich boy
Pitbull chillin Rich boy chillin
What more can I say let's get millions


(Rich Boy)
The Bentleys, the cars the stars that we bout it
The players the pimmps the bitchs they be callin
Microphone check 1, 2
I shut the whole block down like motherfuckin P D
Wanna be me the feins come and see me
Cocain rock the block is hot
But I ain't even trippin off them trick ass niggas
But y'all motherfuckin ain't hittin off the cock
Brokeass niggas
Joke as niggas
Mess around and be little a smoke ass nigga
Rich boy chillin
Polo chillin
What mo can I say we bout millions
That's what we get we got it good
You know we in yo hood

When the boys get to poppin
Get get down
Get get get get get down
Get get get get get down

[Rich Boy]
When the boys pillin
Them boys pillin
Up in the hood them boys pillin
Im cold put ya sweater on llike that Charlie Brown
I got enough round to lay the whole place down
For the 5 thousand dollar drop
40 thousand dollar drop
3 million dollar spot
1, 2 it don't stop
Get your money hustle up
Bubble 10 double up
You never
Like a squirrel tryin to get a nut
From top to bottom
Them hoes we gottem
Them S V I Don't know who shot em
Them snitch ass niggas
Mess around and get ya as killed lil nigga

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