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Gimme That Remix

(lil wayne)what it is folkthis right here is that 16 year old phenom Chris Breeezyme myself im the 23 year old ceowho?Young carter harder than them other boysi aint even frontin babyi could take a summer offi could break a women offi could take her stomach offone of my trucks now im ridin in the goodline it all up garunteed youll get servedLil Chris here said run it so i run it to herim that cash money youngin birdman jr just a president lookin for a monicur (chris)the young boi just turned 16 and i got 6 4s and hot bikes that i rockkeep 3 or 4 sweeties on my clockbut all the swangin in they bikinis just might convince em'slow all the traffic down to a complete stop'cause you speak and thats slang that i talkthat sassy tempo with that walkmay be the reason that all these teenagers may never seen me(chorus x2)mama you may be 3 years older but you hotGimme Thatyou be talkin like you like what i gotGimme Thati kno you like it how i lean in the lac you could be in the back sayin Gimme Gimme Gimmerepeatverse 2momma take a break let me explain to youwhat your body got a young boy ready to dowe can take a test and let me put them thangs on youi can show you why im makin straight a's in school[Gimme That Remix lyrics on]IM A HUSTLER!!!just my frame and agegot you thinkin that im just too young to turn your pageI can PICTURE!!!us switchin lanes in the coop with you on the phone screaming my nameCHRIS!!!(chorus2x)ooooooh, ohWomp,womp,womp,womp,womp,womp,womp,wompWomp,wompgirl you serious and ill be watchin you(lil wayne)Womp,womp,womp,womp,womp,womp,womp,wompThat's what ya body sayinWomp,womp,womp,womp,womp,womp,womp,wompHeeeeyyyyyyyyyy (YA'LL READY)womp,womp,womp,womp,womp,womp,womp,wompOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHweezy baby baby what it do im tryin to holla at yai aint upset but ill blind ya if i smile at yayou rockin wit young chris and the best rapperso leave ya phone bring ya friends and let the rest happena lil patrome, a lil hen, im on cavalee vodkaim in cavalii jeans got on cavalii boxers im fresher than a new born and um i can work you out like a futon and umyou could leave your birthday suit on im a leave my boots onim a leave my jewels on never kno what you wantim a leave that tool onnever know who home learned it from a biggie songon to a new onesomething like a red boneooh i think she like me she got me on her ringtone and i told her get here girl and dont u stunt now give me that funk that gushy stuffOhhhhhhhhhhhhhchorus

Date Added: 2007-09-16
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